Approved qualifications for kolb systems

Since the year 2013, all new kolb cleaning systems in their standard version are certified in the areas of safety, energy efficiency, water efficiency and handling.

The independent institute Beser Consulting has tested and evaluated the machines accordingly and awarded the relevant certificates. Appropriate stickers ensure that customers and prospects now can easily recognize on the system itself or already in a first product description that each machine has been certified in one or more of the above mentioned areas and correspondingly performs well above the average market standards.

With the launch of our AQUBE® next generation series in 2017 our systems have been certified to be integrated in industry 4.0 environments.

Less is more: More power out of less energy consumption

Intelligent energy management is what describes best our patented ENERSAVE technology which allows our cleaning systems to run with the lowest power consumption in comparison to competitor products and delivering an even higher power performance.

No need for high voltage installations and no need to take extra security measures - not to mention the significant savings of energy costs.

Saving our most valuable resource

The WATERSAVE certified ClosedLoop and CrossLoop technologies of kolb help saving water by recycling contaminated and wasted rinse fluids.

All our PCB cleaning systems are equipped by default with an integrated ClosedLoop processing for cleaning and rinsing media, ensuring multiple cycles with minimum losses. Special CrossLoop processing systems help to even increase this performance.

Best protection for operating personnel and investment

The 5-Star SAFEGAR guarantee from kolb ensures that all safety relevant devices e.g. safety interlock on the chamber door, overflow alarm for all tank sections, overheating protection for all heating and drying elements, end switches for all motor-driven valves and drives, personnel protection insulation etc. are included in the machine base prices.

At kolb safety and thus the protection of the employees and the equipment investment is never an option, but of course always standard

Easy handling of complex technology

The kolb EASOTECH construction assurance provides state of the art technology with the easiest possible handling on site. The process stability, speed, compactness, durability and cost effectiveness of our systems are based upon complex engineering as well as upon comprehensive software design.

All you have to do is push one button only, to make these sophisticated technologies work straightforward in their daily business.

Ready for cyber-physical production environments

SFr (Smart Factory ready) certified systems are fully integrable in industry 4.0 productions. This means that they are fully networkable for traceabilty and bidirectional data exchange and can therefore be mapped into each machine to machine or machine to product communication or be integrated into comprehensive monitoring systems.

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